How Do Throwing Shoes Help [Brief Guide]

Nowadays, so many beginner throwers are confessed about throwing shoes. They have a common question, how do throwing shoes help? It’s easy to answer this question, but there are a few things you need to know before you jump into the answer.

If you know these things, you might be able to figure out the answer yourself.

How Do Throwing Shoes Help

What Throwing Shoes You Need?

Remember, there are many different throwing events, and each event needs different throwing skills. And depending on skills, you need different shoes.

Shoes for Shot Put

In the shot put, there are two techniques for throwing:

  • Glide Technique.
  • Rotation Technique.

The glide shot putter’s throwing shoes need to be more stable and rigid than rotational shoes so that force can be put on the shot in the most efficient and direct way. That’s why you need throwing shoes, which keeps you more stable on the ground. 

Previous research has shown that for rotational throwers, a stable foot landing and high speed rotation can help improve throwing performance (Bartonietz, 1999). This means that the shoes you use to throw need to be very fit, and the outsole needs to be made so that it has less friction with the ground. So buy shoes for throwing that fit sung. 

Shoes for Discus Throw

There are three main steps to throwing a discus: getting ready, building up speed, and throwing. In this event, you need a great rotation for throwing so far. So it would help if you had a shoe which is sung and has less grip. It means you should wear shoes similar to the shot put Rotational Technique shoes.

Shoes for Hammer Throw

Also, In this event, rotation and release is the main thing. For good rotation you need a shoe which is sung and helps you to achieve much rotation. So, you need the same type of shoes for both the shot put and the Discus throw.

Javelin Throwing Shoes

Throwing a javelin is a very technical event that requires perfect coordination between many joints moving in different directions. How far a javelin goes depends on things like the speed and direction of the wind and how well the javelin moves through the air. But you also need a good pair of Javelin throwing shoes. Usually, Javelin shoes have spikes for running and stability/grip. So, you need to buy shoes with javelin spikes on them. Spikes for javelin are a lot like spikes for high jump. Both the front and back of the shoe have spikes. This is so the athlete can stop and put his or her foot down properly before throwing the javelin.

Shoes You Might Choose As Beginner

Adidas AdiZero for shot put, hammer, weight, and discus throws. This will help you to learn how the heel-toe turns fastly.

adidas Mens Adizero Shotput Running Sneakers Shoes Cleated

Saucony Men’s Lanzar JAV2 Track and Field Shoe for hammer throw under $100. This has a different shape for the block foot and the drag foot so that they can support and protect you in the best way possible. Also, you will get the best spikes for javelin in this.

Saucony Men's Lanzar JAV2 Track and Field Shoe

How Do Throwing Shoes Help In the Throwing Events

As the footwear guru mentioned earlier, there must be so many skills to succeed in the throwing events, so you need perfect pairs of throwing shoes to execute those skills perfectly. The following are some benefits you get from throwing shoes while throwing:

Great Stability

The ability to control one’s body position, generate optimum power, and transfer force along the kinetic chain is the result of core stability. Rotational movements require core stability, which is crucial for almost all throwing events. Therefore, wearing a throwing shoe while throwing can give you more stability than just wearing a regular running shoe.

Fine Rotational Movement

In order to get the maximum release velocity, the discus and shot put rotational throwers

need to reach a high rotational foot speed and to transfer the energy to the shot/discus. In order to get the right rotational movement, a throwing shoe will help you a lot.

Good Grip

The grip is one of the most important parts of the throwing events. It would help if you had a solid grip on the ground, especially in Javelin throwing events. A nice throwing shoe provides you with a good grip on the ground while throwing. The outsole of a throwing shoe uses textured carbon rubber to increase grip and durability. So, If you want a good grip on the ground, throwing shoes is a must-have option.


In every throwing event, comfort is essential, and the comfort of throwing shoes cannot be matched by any other running shoes. Therefore, if you want comfort while throwing, then go for a throwing shoe.


Every thrower wants long-lasting shoes for throwing. Because it’s not just a shoe, it’s a playing partner for you. And you can’t find the durability you get from a throwing shoe in any other regular shoes. So, In terms of durability, throwing shoes will help you a lot.

How Do Throwing Shoes Help – FAQs

Are shot put shoes worth it?

The answer is yes. If you use throwing shoes for shot put then it is totally worth it.

Do you need spikes for shot put?

No, not even close. In fact, this is what makes shot put shoes different from other track shoes. Instead, they should have soles that are smooth and soft, so you can spin accurately.

Do throwers need spikes?

Not all throwers need spikes. But if you are a hammer thrower, you should have spikes in your throwing shoes.

What is special about throwing shoes?

Well, throwing shoes are made specifically to help you throw as far as you can. They give the thrower more balance, flexibility, and a solid base, so they can throw as far as possible.


I hope you have the answer to how do throwing shoes help you. Throwing shoes can not improve your accuracy in a throwing event, but it will improve your confidence, stability and Rotational Movement. So if you’re looking to up your game in a throwing event, give throwing shoes a try!

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