Best Javelin Throwing Shoes

Javelin shoes are an exciting addition to any athlete’s arsenal. They help you throw further and more accurately than ever before, and protect the feet and legs from injury when throwing a spear.

Most Javelin throwing shoes have a rigid outer surface that can withstand numerous impacts, while the insole is made of soft foam or rubber to provide cushioning and shock absorption. Some shoes also have built-in spikes that help keep your feet planted on the ground while you throw. But there is a question among the beginner throwers: what are the best Javelin throwing shoes? To answer this question, I am Thomas Benefield here with Tim Lorey, a professional, certified thrower.

Best Javelin Throwing Shoes

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Best Javelin Throwing Shoes

Note: Some shoe sizes are based on a scale for men. Women should subtract 1.5 sizes from their women’s shoe size.

Best Custom Fit
Asics Javelin Pro 3
Asics Javelin Pro 3
  • Adjustable belt system for lockdown
  • Seamless upper for lightweight support
  • Injection-Molded Plate for stability
  • Rubber sole
  • Event: Javelin
  • Surface: Dirt, Rubber, Grass
  • Injection-Molded Plate
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Saucony Men's Lanzar JAV2
Saucony Men’s Lanzar JAV2
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Event: Javelin
  • Surface: Track, Grass, Turf
  • ISOFIT system provides stabilizing support while adapting to the movement of the foot
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Best Fit
ASICS Unisex Javelin Pro 2
ASICS Unisex Javelin Pro 2
  • Synthetic sole
  • SharkDuo Outsole
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Hook and loop closure
  • 9mm Pyramid Spikes
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Secure Lock
Under Armour HOVR Silencer
Under Armour HOVR Silencer
  • Ideal for: Javelin
  • Lightweight, breathable embroidered upper gives you a locked-in fit & feel
  • 3-point mid-foot strap for a powerful & secure fit to stabilize the foot while not restricting movement
  • UA HOVR™ cushioning provides ‘zero gravity feel’ to maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact
  • Pebax® midfoot shank provides added structure & support for more efficient foot-strike
  • Structural midsole rim helps keep the foot centered & provides added support & durability
  • Full-length, lightweight Pebax™ plate with perimeter-focused spikes for smooth transition to toe-off
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ASICS Javelin Pro 3

Asics Javelin Pro 3

The ASICS Javelin Pro 3 is an elite-level javelin shoe with an asymmetrical design for right-handed throwers to get the most out of them. It has two different shoes for each part of the throw. The cut on the left foot of the pair is higher to keep athletes safe when they stop at the end of the runway. The second and higher ankle strap on the left shoe gives even more support for a good fit. The cut in the middle of the right foot is shorter, and there is only one strap. This gives the foot more flexibility during the throwing phase. 

Spike Pins: 11 (Included)

Note: It’s made for people who throw with their right hand.


  • The outsole is made of injection-molded plastic. It is lightweight and durable.
  • The upper is made from HL-0 Mesh, which provides a firm hold and allows for a custom fit.
  • The DYNAWRAP lacing system creates a guiding structure to keep a foot stable during athletic progression.
  • A lockdown strap is located between the forefoot and the ankle to maintain a secure fit.
  • Very Much Durable.

  • A good fit because the belt system is adjustable for lockdown.

  • Lightweight support with a seamless upper.

  • Excellent Stability with injection-molded plates.

  • Not a good choice for the beginner.

Saucony Men’s Lanzar JAV2

Saucony Lanzer JAV2

The Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 is a high-performance javelin shoe for throwers of all levels. It fits well and has a lot of grips. The upper is made of ISOFIT and has a 3/4 profile, which makes it more comfortable and keeps its snug and supportive look of its predecessor. This shoe has a very aggressive 11-pin plate design and excellent traction on grass and track surfaces. There are twenty-two 3/8-inch pyramid spikes and a spike wrench in the package. 

Spike Pins: 11 (Included)


  • The midsole is composed of compression molded EVA which is an industry standard foam that provides lightweight, durable cushioning.
  • It has a full length spike plate that provides a secure platform and grip on the field. 
  • The ISOFIT system adapts to the movement of the foot while providing stabilizing support.
  • In addition, the midfoot cross strap and durable synthetic forefoot provide additional security.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.

  • Because of its adjustable lockdown system, It has a good fit.

  • Very much stable. Stabilizing support is provided by ISOFIT.

  • Best for all level throwers.

  • The straps easily break.

ASICS Javelin Pro 2


The Asics Javelin Pro 2 is made for javelin throwers who are at the top of their game and need the best grip and speed. The shark duo outsole gives you the best grip, and the synthetic leather upper with lockdown straps keeps your foot in place in the middle. This shoe has strong RynoSkin protection and is made so that it won’t tear. It comes with a spike wrench and twenty-two 1/4″ pyramid spikes.

Spike Pins: 11 (Included)


  • Designed for increased grip on a variety of track surfaces with SharkDuo. It is a textured thermoplastic unit.
  • An upper made from synthetic leather minimizes shoe movement for optimal performance.
  • RhynoSkin surrounds most of the upper and offers abrasion and tear resistance.
  • Designed to provide a snug fit, the Double Lock Down Strap (Left foot) is a Velcro strap that provides optimal support.
  • Fits well.

  • Has the right amount of cushioning.

  • Very lightweight.

  • Price is high.

  • Not a good choice for the beginner.

Under Armour HOVR Silencer

Under Armour HOVR Silencer

The Under Armour HOVR Silencer is made for top-level athletes and gives the best performance in the javelin. With the Under Armour HOVR Silencer, you can take your javelin competition to the next level. You can compete with confidence because the upper is light, there is a 3-point strap, and there are 10 pins under your foot.


  • A soft UA HOVR foam combined with a dynamic mesh energy web provides a balance between cushioning and responsiveness.
  • PEBA Midfoot Shank increases efficiency by adding stiffness.
  • The LX90 Pebax Plate provides better heel-toe transition and traction. Also, 3X Power Strap provides precision fit and foot stability.
  • For a stylish, comfortable fit with added breathability, the upper is embroidered with high-strength yarn.

Spike Pins: 10 (Included)

  • Lightweight and breathable upper.

  • Power straps provide a secure lock down.

  • With responsive cushioning, you’ll get the most energy back.

  • Price is high.

  • Not very durable.

Types Of Javelin Throw

There are three types of throws: 

  • Overhand: Overhand throws are the easiest to make and require the least amount of strength.
  • Sidearm: Sidearm throws are a little more difficult to make, but they’re also more accurate.
  • Behind the back: Behind-the-back throws are the most difficult to make, but they’re also the most powerful.

How Can You Choose The Best Javelin Shoes?

When buying javelin throwing shoes, it is important to find ones that fit well and offer good support. 

Good Fit: Shoes that are too tight will cause you to foot slide when throwing the javelin, while shoes that are too loose will cause you to lose balance and accuracy. Look for shoes with a snug fit and a heel height that is comfortable for you. 

Traction: Make sure the shoes have good traction, so you won’t slip when throwing.

Built and Material: The construction is significant because it should be made of durable materials that will hold up over time. The material is also important because it should be lightweight but durable.

If you consider these three things, you can buy the best javelin throwing shoes for you.


Do you need special shoes for javelin?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It depends on a few factors, including the type of javelin and the surface you’re throwing it on. Generally speaking, you want to have as much stability and traction as possible when throwing a javelin, so shoes with good grip are probably a good idea. If you’re throwing on a grass or dirt surface, something with a lot of treads is ideal.

How should javelin shoes fit?

A javelin shoe should fit snugly, as a too-loose shoe can cause the javelin to fly off the foot during a throw. The shoe should also be high-cut, as this will help keep the ankle stable during the throw. Most importantly, the shoe should be fitted to the individual’s foot type, as each person’s feet are different and require different levels of support. If you need more information, you may check out dedicated article about how should throwing shoes fit.

Can you use high jump shoes for javelin?

Theoretically, high jump shoes could be used for javelin, but there are several factors that would make this impractical. The shoes are designed to help the jumper take off and land properly, which is not necessary for javelin. Furthermore, the shoes are typically heavier than javelin shoes, which would slow down the throw. Finally, the high jump shoe has a large surface area compared to the javelin shoe, which would create more air resistance.

Last Words

Javelin throwing is a sport that requires both strength and precision. Make sure the shoe has a well-designed closure system so that you can adjust it to your exact foot width. The best throwing shoes for javelin will provide all the support you need while still giving you the freedom to move and throw precisely. 

Look no further if you’re looking for the best javelin throwing shoes! Tim Lorey and I selected the 4 best Javelin throwing shoes. Our selection of shoes has been designed with all the throwers in mind (beginner to pro), providing accurate and consistent distance control.

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