How To Buy Your First Throwing Shoe [Ultimate Guide]

If you want to be good at sports that involve throwing, you need to practice a lot, learn from the best coaches, and wear the right gear.

Whatever the track and field throwing event, picking the right shoe will definitely make a difference in your distance. When choosing the best throwing shoe, you have a number of options to choose from. Buying guide for throwing shoes helps you to buy the right throwing shoes for you.

The purpose of this post is to share buying guides for throwing shoes.

Buying Throwing Shoe: 5 Tips To Follow

How To Buy Your First Throwing Shoe

Fitting Of The Shoe

Before buying throwing shoes, you should know how throwing shoes fit. Fitting is one of the most important things to look for whenever buying throwing shoes. The discus track and field throwing shoes you choose should fit snugly, while your running shoes should be loose-fitting. As well as searching for a shoe that fits snugly around your foot, you must also ensure the shoe is comfortable.

Rotational throwers can improve their throwing performance with steady foot landings and high speed rotations, according to previous research. In other words, the shoes you wear to throw need to be very fit, and their outsoles must have a low friction coefficient. If you have wide feet, and you want to buy the best throwing shoes for wide feet, then order one and a half sizes bigger than the regular size.

Soles For Different Throws

In throwing events, the sole of throwing shoes plays a vital role. There are four throwing events, and each throwing event needs different skills. That is the reason why the sole of throwing shoes should be different.

If you need traction and rotation for shot put, hammer throw for discus throw then you need a carbon rubber flat and smooth sole like the Velaasa Revolution: Tungsten Line Throwing Shoe.

VELAASA Revolution Tungsten Line Throwing Shoe

But if you are searching for only traction for Javelin throw then 11-spike plate sole is recommended. You can try Asics Unisex Javelin Pro 2 for best result.

ASICS Unisex Javelin Pro 2 Track & Field Shoes

Lockdown Feature

The Lockdown feature is important. The lockdown allows the foot to be pushed down and secure on the platform. It gives the thrower good confidence. There are so many throwing shoes with Cross straps across the midfoot. So always try to buy throwing shoes with a lockdown feature available.

Quality & Durability

It is an important buying guide for throwing shoes. Durability depends on how you use it and how to keep your throwing shoes clean. To keep your throwing shoes clean, you need to know how to wash throwing shoes. If you know how to, then the below fact will help you to ensure durability.

Due to the weight of the throwers, it is very important that the upper of the shoe is strong. The upper of a throwing shoe is often made of synthetic leather, which helps the shoe keep its shape and is usually very durable. Synthetic leather is also made to last through bad weather and the wear and tear that comes from spinning and gliding for a long time. So If you are buying throwing shoes, try to buy Synthetic leather throwing shoes like ASICs Throw Pro.

ASICS Men's Throw Pro Track Shoe

Synthetic mesh is also used in some throwing shoes. Mesh can be combined with suede or nylon. It is true that mesh is less durable than synthetic leather, but it is able to breathe, keeping the thrower’s feet cool and comfortable during training and competition. So If you want comfort beyond durability, you can go for it. 


This throwing shoes buying guide is not for everyone. If price is not your concern then you can skip this part, but those who want a good throwing shoe in the budget segment then you can choose the Whiten Cross-Trainer.

Whiten Cross-Trainer For Women
Whiten Cross Trainer For Men

Throwing Shoes Buying Guide – FAQs

How do you choose throw shoes?

In order to improve traction during the glide technique, throwing shoes should have a textured rubber outsole instead of a smooth bottom. You need to choose to throw shoes that help you to rotate fast. That’s why you need rubber soles with less friction.

How often should I get new throwing shoes?

Actually, it depends on how you treat it. Probably every 3-4 months, you would need a brand-new pair of shoes. In some cases, shoes wore out even faster.

Are throwing shoes helpful?

If you are a professional thrower, throwing shoes help you a lot. It gives too much rotation and confidence while throwing.

Do throwers wear spikes?

Not all throwers wear spikes. But Javelin throwers wear spikes because they need more friction and grip than shot put and hammer throwers.

A Final Note

The best way to find the perfect pair of throwing shoes is to use this buying guide and take your time looking through all the different brands and types of shoes until you find the perfect fit.

On the market, you will find a wide selection of throwing shoes. You will undoubtedly find the ideal throwing shoes no matter what your style of throwing is. But this buying guide will help you find the best throwing shoes for you.

In conclusion, choosing the right pair of shoes is an important decision. When shopping for throwing shoes, it is important to consider your throwing style, foot type, and budget. Thank You.

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