What Are Throwing Shoes? [Detailed Walkthrough]

In competitive sports, footwear can make or break a player.

Shoes for shot put, discus throw, hammer throw, and other throwing games are no exception. With the ball flying through the air at speeds up to 80 mph, proper foot placement is critical in order to send the ball accurately into the target. The right shoes will provide stability while throwing and cushion impact.

In addition, shoes that are designed specifically for these sports can also help reduce fatigue and improve your performance. So If you want to be a thrower, then you should always know what throwing shoes are.

What are throwing shoes

If you want to buy a pair of shoes for throwing, there are a lot of things you need to think about. Some of these questions include what throwing shoes do and who sells them, among other things. The information in this post should answer all your questions about throwing shoes.

What Are Throwing Shoes Mean?

Shoes that are used in throwing games are known as throwing shoes. There are so many throwing games available among them, shot put, discus throw, hammer throw, and javelin throw are the most popular. No matter what kind of track and field throwing event you do, getting the right shoe will help you throw as far as possible. Footwearguru is always with you to help to choose the best throwing shoes.

Javelin Throwing Shoes:

These event shoes are pretty much different from shot put/discus throwing shoes. The shoes used to throw a javelin are big and heavy. They have the support and front and back spikes to handle a javelin thrower’s approach and landing.

Shot/Discus Throwing Shoes:

For these kinds of events, there are two kinds of shoes: glide shoes and spin shoes. Some brands only have one option, but Nike and Adidas, for example, have two: hammer/discus and shotput. Most glide shoes have a textured bottom to help you keep your footing. The bottom of rotational shoes is smoother, so they spin better.

Now, the call is yours. You can choose your preferred shoes by yourself. Hopefully, now you are clear about what are throwing shoes and which one is good for you.

Who Sells Throwing Shoes & What Brand is Best?

Many people have never heard of throwing shoes and may be wondering what throwing shoes are and who sells them. Throwing shoes are designed for people who throw balls or other objects using their hands and arms.

There are a lot of brands, like Asics and Saucony, that are only known for their throwing shoes. A lot of well-known brands, like Nike, Adidas, and Puma, also make shoes for throwing.

There are many places where you can buy shoes for throwing. Some places that sell shoes for throwing, like sports stores and online retail stores. Other stores, like shoe stores, may also sell throwing shoes, but they may only carry a few brands or models.

Why Should You Buy a Throwing Shoe?

There are so many reasons why you should buy a throwing shoe. If you want to be a professional thrower, you have to have throwing shoes. Here are some of the reasons:

Good Traction

A shoe with a good grip will help you keep your balance and make it less likely that you’ll slip during the throw. Again, good traction helps the thrower build up speed before the throw, which makes the throw better overall. Having shoes with good grip is also important for keeping from getting hurt.

Good Rotation

Rotational motion is an important aspect of throwing games. When a pitcher rotates their body, it causes their arm to rotate and helps them throw with more accuracy. This is because the pitcher’s arm is in line with their body when they are rotating, which reduces the chances of the ball hitting the ground before it reaches their hand. Throwing shoes will help to gain a good rotation during throwing.


If you use regular running shoes for throwing events, they won’t last long. Normal running shoes can’t handle the force and spin that happen when you throw a 50 kg ball. Throwing shoes are specially made for these events. So, throwing shoes is a must-have if you want long-lasting shoes for throwing. Footwearguru will recommend you to buy Saucony Unleash SD 2 Unisex.

Saucony Unleash SD 2 Unisex

The durability of a throwing shoe also depends on whether you wash the shoe regularly. However, you should know how to wash throwing shoes before you wash them.

What Are Throwing Shoes- FAQS

Are throwing shoes necessary?

If you are a professional thrower, then throwing shoes is must necessary for you. Once you get used to them, you will be able to throw farther.

What is special about shot put shoes?

There are different shoes for shot put, discus, and hammer than for other track events. The shoes have a snug fit and no spike plate. You can find two kinds of shoes for shot put: glide shoes and spin shoes.

Can you run in track throwing shoes?

The answer is yes. But, It will feel uncomfortable. You should know that your throwing shoes should fit more snugly than your running track shoes. For running, it is better to have a comfortable fit.

How Long Do Throwing Shoes last?

It depends on how you use them. If the athlete trains as they should, then no throwing shoe will last more than two years.


You can’t get better at throwing far by throwing shoes; you have to work hard. Footwearguru is glad you’re doing research because that’s the first step to getting better. You won’t be able to throw very far in your shoes. Think about yourself seriously. Throwing shoes will help you throw a lot further (depending on skill level). Time to get serious about yourself and get your first or next pair of shoes for throwing. Hopefully, after reading this, you should understand what throwing shoes are and how they work.

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